MIXR is the first beverage specifically designed to be used as a healthy mixer and chaser.

San diego, CAlifornia

a healthy MIXER idea
is born

The idea for MIXR was birthed in 2018 through a joint-realization between two cousins, Blake & Jake Berman. They were pre-gaming a party one fall semester night. Per usual, there were a lot of people at the pre-game chasing the typical Tito’s or 1800 with sodas or sugary juices. Being that both Blake & Jake strive to live healthy lives, workout on the daily (Jake is also a professional CrossFit Athlete), and never drink soda or any sugary beverages, they chose to not condone in such irresponsible forms of chasing and decided to take shots straight with no chaser.
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This sparked the question: “Are there any kind of beverages out there that have as much bold flavor as soda or juice, tastes just as good or better when mixed with alcohol, but doesn’t have any sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients!?”

In that moment, they proceeded to scour the internet looking for such a product. After coming up dry in their initial efforts to find the perfect mixer/chaser, they then realized that there was hole in the mixer/chaser industry that needed to be filled.

The next morning, they began working on formulating the perfect mixer and chaser. They started by simply combining only the best traits of each of the most popular mixers and chasers in the market at the time. They took the bold flavor qualities of soda, the all-natural sugar-free/zero-calories qualities of La-Croix, and the electrolyte hydration qualities of Gatorade to create what is now known as MIXR.

MIXR is the first beverage specifically designed to be used as a healthy mixer and chaser — MIXR contains ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, and has added electrolytes all while maintaining great, bold and refreshing flavor.