Frequently Asked Questions about MIXR

No. MIXR is caffeine free with all natural ingredients.

Diet soda contains caffeine which causes it to be a diuretic, minimizing its ability to be an effective source of hydration. MIXR is caffeine free, allowing the body to retain more fluid. It is also packed with electrolytes to help maximize hydration.
Diet Soda achieves its sweet taste using an artificial sweetener called aspartame. This controversial ingredient has warranted years of research into its effects on the human body and brain. MIXR contains all natural ingredients that allow you to consume as much as you would like without developing any potential side effects or long term health conditions.
The carbs listed come from the erythritol, one of the all natural sweeteners. The carbs from erythritol are not absorbed by the human body and do not contribute to weight gain.
Currently we are only for sale in San Diego. We are in stores reaching from La Jolla down the coast and into Down Town, San Diego. Check the store locator on our website for our most up to date list of locations. We are expanding quickly and adding new stores weekly.
No, MIXR is much more! MIXR puts on music based nightlife events around the San Diego Community that are not only a blast to attend, but provide local local artists and musicians the opportunity to grow and expand their followings through cross promotion. Follow our socials to keep up to date with event news and bottle service give-aways!